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Because Brooke has over ten years of management experience, she understands the intense challenges leaders face in the workplace today. Brooke believes communication is key and that in order to see a small business become successful, they must prioritize communication between employees and employers.

• Bachelor's Degree in Human Resources and Business Management
• 4 years of management experience specializing in employee training and development
• 10 years of management experience in the service industry
• Member of Northstate SHRM (Society for Human Resources Management)

Brooke winter, ceo

Basketball and I take my sports very seriously




Redding is my hometown. I've lived here my entire life and there's no other place I would rather make my home


Meet The Founder

Welcome to Clarity, where our mission is to partner with organizations to foster healthy communication, laying the foundation for robust working relationships. In the dynamic realm of Human Resources, our firm is dedicated to nurturing these essential connections, offering support, expertise, and tailored solutions to businesses of all sizes. We believe that the bedrock of any thriving enterprise lies in its people, and we're committed to enhancing dialogue, understanding, collaboration, and overall health of that foundation.

Why Choose Clarity? Our approach is rooted in partnership and customization. Unlike one-size-fits-all solutions, we understand that each business is unique. That's why we tailor our services to meet your specific needs, helping you navigate the complexities of HR with confidence and ease. From ensuring compliance with the latest federal, state, and local regulations to implementing cutting-edge HR strategies, we're here to support your growth every step of the way.

How We Can Support You. With a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities within the world of HR, Clarity brings a comprehensive suite of services designed to strengthen your organization's infrastructure. Whether you're looking to optimize talent acquisition, enhance employee engagement, streamline performance management, or leverage the latest in HR technology, Clarity has the expertise to make it happen.

Where We Came From. Our founder and CEO, Brooke Winter, brings firsthand experience in business ownership and a deep commitment to fostering success within the heart of our local economy. By partnering with Clarity, you're not just hiring an HR consultant; you're gaining a strategic ally dedicated to your organization's success and growth. We believe in the power of people-centric strategies to transform organizations and drive success together.

Let's Navigate the Future of Work Together. The world of employment is constantly changing, and staying ahead requires a proactive and informed approach. With Clarity by your side, you'll have access to the latest insights, trends, and solutions in HR, allowing you to focus on what you do best—running your business.

Partner with Clarity today and unlock the full potential of your workforce. Contact us to discover how our customized HR consulting services can drive your business forward in today's dynamic and competitive landscape.

Empowering Businesses
Through Strategic HR Consulting

We partner with organizations to teach others healthy communication in order to have healthy working relationships.


We check our ego at the door and choose to be continual learners. Just because it's "a way" doesn't mean it's "the way." We take feedback like champs and learn from it.

Tasks and projects are completed with the big picture in mind. We don't just "check-boxes." We take the time to ask questions, get curious and understand the root issues BEFORE providing solutions.

Everything is "figure-outable." We don't settle for the easy answer or the easy way; just because it's hard doesn't mean it's wrong. We don't give up and we don't run from a challenge.

Servant's heart. Willing to help others without complaint. Giving grace to others. We are not above any task and we help wherever needed. We choose to do it together.

We work to build trust. Once we have it, we work even harder to keep it by doing the right thing whether we are being watched or not.

We listen. We treat every interaction like it matters... because it does. We practice proactive communication to maintain connection.

We strive for greatness, it’s a journey. We provide high-quality work whether it’s expected or not. We are not too busy to go the extra mile.

Being able to celebrate wins and encourage one another. We build up - we don't tear down. Remaining optimistic in the face of challenges.

Core Values

Praise From Our CLIENTS


"Clarity HR has been integral in helping form and maintain our People Ops department. 10/10 recommendation."

Matt Stark, Senior Operations Manager
The Adventure Challenge

Every company small or large needs Brook Winter. We at R M Painting and Designs highly recommend Clarity HR. Their attention to detail is impeccable and their customer service is awesome. Whenever we need anything we just call. With the way all the laws are changing they always stay on top of things, always sending us updates on the new laws and changes being made. I cannot even express how many times this company has helped us. They’ve helped us during an audit and so much more. Do yourself and your company a favor and hire Brook at Clarity HR; you’re gonna need her trust me.

Deanna Sinclair, Owner
R M Painting & Designs

We have enjoyed working with the Clarity HR Team. Their consultants are professional and great at suggesting ways to handle difficult situations. They are friendly, knowledgeable, always available, and very responsive to immediate needs. We really value our relationship with them and look forward to continued partnership.

Tiffany Bowen, Office & Customer Service Manager Paradise Irrigation District

Clarity has been a key partner for our company in managing our diverse Human Resources needs. We greatly value how available and responsive they are in assisting us with our dynamic business objectives. They have been key in facilitating our ability to operate in multiple jurisdictions and to ensure that we are apprised of and compliant with a wide range of regulatory schemes. We value not only their attention to detail and our current business needs but also their holistic view of trends in the industry and their foresight in keeping us apprised of changes and anticipated changes in the regulatory landscape.

Jody McCormack, Office Administrator
Layline Automation

As a small business owner I struggle wearing all the "hats" needed to run my business. I am an expert in my field and love using my time and talents doing just that. Clarity HR Consulting has filled a hole that small businesses need. They are not just a 'HR Company' that provides employees, legal HR posters, and ensures our handbook meets the letter of the law. They get to know me, as a business owner, and cultivate a culture in my office that reflects my goals.

Deb Perry, Owner
Hubbub Properties

Clarity HR has been incredible to work with! My #1 favorite thing is the speed and response time for receiving crucial information to our business. They have a relentless focus on enabling us to focus on our core business! Highly recommend!

Luke Miner, Owner
Downtown Collection

Clarity has been a breath of fresh air for our small business. Brooke and her team were able to help us create roles and implement processes that centered around our company culture and made onboarding more professional and streamlined. Knowing we have Clarity to help make sure we are in compliance with the ever changing employment laws is a huge weight off our shoulders.

Mariiah Zoll, Owner
Roots Juice Bar

We've worked with the Clarity team for several years and are SO thankful for them! They created our Employee Handbook and keep us updated on new HR laws. We've also loved the manager training that Brooke and her team provide, it brings so much clarity on all the laws and regulations. Clarity HR is professional, people oriented, and so quick to answer any questions! 

Innessa Galichansky, Operations Manager
Theory Coffee Roasters

HR, payroll, etc. are practices you don't want to risk getting wrong, and Clarity HR makes us confident that we're doing everything correctly. Not only are they on point in terms of legalities, latest regulations, paperwork, communication, etc., but they are a member of our dream team! They work incredibly well with our staff and are available to help in all sorts of ways, especially when things take an unexpected turn. They are also helping us align ourselves with our future vision and dreams.

Martin Moseley, Owner
Moseley Family Cellars

Brooke is an excellent and astute listener. She gave me a great strategic overview for hiring the right person for our needs, but also included adequate detail so that I could fine-tune the process to our specific ethos.”

Dawn Bulchandani, Owner

Brooke is AMAZING at what she does! So knowledgable, professional, and extremely thoughtful in handling tough HR situations. She truly knows her stuff, and goes above and beyond for her clients. She truly cares about the companies she works with, and is brilliant in her guidance.

Megan Spaulding, Owner
Brand Science

todd royse, Owner
chiropractic first

Brooke has helped our team clarify our vision and work together toward that vision more than I can say. She spent a lot of time with my wife and me to figure out our goals, then with each team member figuring out how they think and approach problems. She has helped us synergize our gifts and understand each other to work together in the best way possible. Her insights into managing our team are positively amazing! She also helps us stay abreast of and on top of all the ever-changing rules of CA business. I have no idea how we made it without Brooke before but I can say we’ll always look to her in the future! I highly recommend Brooke!”

Brooke, Heidi, and the Clarity team have been an important addition to our growing company's extended HR team! The Clarity team has definitely added value to our organization. Some of the services we've received include: talent acquisition help, industry salary analysis, revising our Employee Handbook, building out detailed job descriptions, offering employee and manager training, and a host of other much-needed services. Throughout our time working with them they have demonstrated high professional standards, quality in their deliverables, and the ability to execute within offered timeframes.


“Clarity HR has helped us immensely to define our culture and get our team on track to go to the next level! I didn’t realize how much we needed Clarity HR until we got together, but now we can’t live without them.”

edgar brown, owner
rockstar solar

“We love working with Clarity HR at Theory! They are excellent at what they do, help us with all the HR questions in a timely manor, and are very professional. I highly recommend working with Brooke & the team!”

innessa galichansky, operations manager
theory coffee roasters

“This group has been a blessing to myself and our agency Ready for Life Foster Family Agency. I don't know how I can thank them enough for taking us to the next level of professionalism. They speak the truth and have resources at their disposal that are invaluable. I highly recommend them.”

nena panza, owner
ready for life

“Clarity HR Consulting has been instrumental in helping us implement and structure leadership roles within our company. Brooke and her team are always professional and come prepared with the ever changing requirements for small business and help us keep in compliance. Clarity has been a valuable addition to our business and our team!”

mariiah zoll, owner
roots juice bar

“Dealing with the HR side of my business is my LEAST favorite thing to do!! When it came time to hire a new assistant, I needed the task handled ASAP. I don't have that kind of time, so Brooke and her company came to the rescue. Brooke, Marcus and the rest of the team took control and I didn't have to worry about a thing. My business is running better than ever and I couldn't be happier. Many thanks!!”

craig wood, owner
craig wood court reporting


Putting the human back in human resources